How To Make Your Creatives Newsworthy?

If you're someone who constantly checks your Facebook or Instagram post likes shares and impressions, then this is for you. When it comes to social media creatives, relevance, authenticity and unique content & design raise the bar for your brand. If you are curious to learn how to make your social media creatives worth a second look, make sure to read on. There are different tools and strategies to deliver compelling social media creatives and marketing campaigns for your clients. However, you need the right people to do the job & they make sure what they create and deliver is newsworthy.When pitching ideas to the target audience, we produce stories that are relevant & useful & captivating..


Authenticity is what helps you win the competition. Is your content relatable to the audience? Are you doing the company messaging right? Understanding this can be a great tactic to help link your views and messages with the trending happenings around your area.


Are your creatives relevant to your audience? Whether it's a general post or hiring creative or a client pitches, make sure your content aligns with your goal & fits the design. In this case, you need to ask yourself, ‘why would your audience be interested in your story or creativity? & how does your company relate to the audience you’re trying to reach?’


How unique is your piece of content? This is what most businesses lack. When you're in a competitive market, your piece of content, views, business model, the approach should differ from the others and it is what helps you earn potential customers.


Are you the trendsetter for your creatives? Do people refer to your creatives for your unique choice of messaging, design and style? It's how you attract people. Be sure to stay on trend with your messaging, design and approach.

Hit Them Right

Last but not least, what you provide to your audience is crucial? What impact are you looking to create? How does it make clients' lives easier? You can instil case studies on your creatives to make a difference. Your content should help the target audience to engage with your business offerings.

If you are following any one of these elements, then your creatives are worth sharing. At Brand Marketers, we have social media writers to make your business messaging resonate with your target audiences.